DailyDOOH Advertising Test Harness

July 22nd, 2024

Welcome to the DailyDOOH advertising test harness.

We have created this page to provide an easy way to view current and past advert campaigns at DailyDOOH. It can also be used to preview the look and feel of existing adverts, hosted in external servers, as though they were embedded in our website.

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Preview External Adverts on DailyDOOH

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Accepted Formats and Dimensions

February 1st, 2011

These are the dimensions of the advertising spaces on offer:

  • Skyscraper, 120px wide by 600px high.
  • Large rectangle, up to 300px wide by 250 px high.
  • Leader banner, 468px wide by 60px high.
  • Post sponsorship, 470px wide by 50px high. The sponsor's logo must be aligned to the right and not wider than 100px.

Adverts are accepted in the following formats:

  • Images in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats (including animated GIFs).
  • Video in MP4.
  • Adobe Flash (preferably v9) clips with embedded HREF link to external site. Not recommended - support for Flash is on the wane.

There is no file size hard limit; only a soft recommendation to keep files as small as possible to avoid excessive loading times.